Question and Answer

Q: My Wallet has stopped syncing, When I start my wallet it hangs or disappears.

A: This is normal some time your blockchain got corrupted you need to do the following steps:

1. Keep your backup file somewhere safe off your PC.

2. Delete the folder where you installed the wallet.

3. Find the secondary HTMLCoin folder and delete it.

For Windows

Go to Run (Windows+R), or just press the windows

Type %appdata% in the searchbar and press enter

Delete the HTMLCOIN folder

For Mac

Goto Application Support Folder, Library, Application Support

4. Install new wallet from »

5. Paste your “wallet.dat” file in the install directory of your new wallet.

It will ask you to overwrite the existing file. Please confirm.

Start the wallet.

Q: After Installing and Resync the new Wallet I cannot see my coins!

A: If after upgrading and sync the wallet 100% if you see your coins are missing then do the following step:

1. Add zapwallettxes=2 to your htmlcoin.conf file. You need to remove that line after restarting the client.

It basically makes the client rescan, delete TXs and rescan the chain so it could resolve the problem.

If that does not work then you would need to delete the contents of the date directory except for wallet.dat and sync the entire chain from scratch. If even that fails we could assume either that your wallet is corrupt

and needs to be restored from backup or some sort of user error. If you can see the address on the explorer with the balance,

you could try to dump the corresponding private key, as long as you can get the private key for their address you will be able to recover the coins one way or another.

Q: I am not able to see the configuration file in the data directory

A: HTMLCoin wallet does not create any file, if you need you can go to Settings then choose -> Options There you will see 2nd last option "Open Configuration File"

Q: Can I Dump my private key using Web Wallet or Altmask ?

A: You can enter your mobile wallet or Altmask wallet into the Web Wallet and then grab your private key for backup or import to desktop wallet.

Q: How can I Dump my private key using a desktop wallet ?

A: From your Desktop Wallet you can Dump your private key. By retrieving the same from the web wallet you can access your coins.

Just choose a receiving address and go to Click on the “Windows” menu, then click Console.

To Dump your Private Key type “dumpprivkey” <HTML Wallet Address> example dumpprivkey Hdn4cmqdmp7s3XJVoTeNVzqmika7YMJiga

Q: I have locked my wallet with a passphrase and I am not able to dump my private key ?

A: To unlock your wallet for specified time goto console and type this >> WalletPassphrase Password Timeout. Example:

walletpassphrase PASSWORD 120

Timeout will be time in seconds 120 means 2 minutes

Q: How do I know which wallet address has my Coins?

A: To check how many coins you have in which receiving wallet address you need to check it in Coin Control under the Options menu.

Q: How can I Enable and see Coin Control Feature in my Desktop Wallet?

A: Goto Setting then choose Option and then Click on Wallet Tab and check "Enable Coin Control Features" and press ok

Then goto "Send" which is used to send coins and click on "Inputs..."

Q: How can I Import my private keys using a desktop wallet ?

A: You can import your Keys using “importprivkey” <Private Key>

Q: How to access the console tab on desktop wallet ?

A: Click on the “Windows” menu, then click Console

The console tab is incredibly useful, although it’s mostly for advanced uses, it is a very powerful tool and can perform actions that aren’t really possible using the graphical interface.

Q: How can I recover my funds using a private key on a web wallet?

A: Click on the “Windows” menu, then click Console

Q: How can I check the version of my Desktop Wallet ?

A: Goto help menu and click on about HTMLCOIN Core

Q: My Wallet is not syncing. How can I check the number of peers?

A: You can do it in two ways click on Windows and Click on Peers here you will see connected peers.

Secondly, on the main screen of HTMLCoin Desktop Wallet on left pane at the bottom you will see an 4 icons under HTML when you will move your pointer on the 3rd Icon from Left you will see numbers of connected peers.

Q: My peers are blocked, how to unblock them?

A: Go to data directory and delete banlist.dat and peers.dat and restart your wallet

Q: I have no peers connected to my wallet from where I can add peers ?

A: Goto Alternative Explorer!network from the Tabs click on Network and click node list against your wallet version Copy all Nodes and Paste them to your config file and save and restart your wallet

Q: How can I check if my wallet is staking or not ?

A: On Debug Console type getstakingstatus or from the Main screen in Left menu choose Stake and see Staking Button is On

Q: Why is my wallet not staking much coins ?

A: There's network weight and wallet weight, your chance of staking is calculated is your local wallet weight, balance, against the network weight,

balance of the network. More coins in your wallet, the higher your weight and the higher chance of staking.

Q: Why are all my coins not staking only a portion of that is staking?

One wallet address can have lots of UTXOs. (Unspent Transaction Output.)

Your balance is spread over lots of different amounts, not all of these are used to stake at once.

Use listunspent from the debug console to see all your UTXOs, those are what are used to stake.

Those coins were recently used to stake a block and are in the process of confirming before being spendable again,

after 500 blocks those coins will return to the available balance.

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