Create and Send NFTs with Htmlcoin Web Wallet

The Web Wallet can create, send, and receive HRC1155 NFTs, found at

The Create NFT menu option will open the Create NFT form.

In the thumbnail preview box, click “+” and select the content to load. Content can be still images in JPEG, GIF, and PNG format, and animations in GIF and webp format (video can be converted to GIF or webp format with an external program). File sizes up to 5 MB are allowed.

Enter the NFT Name, up to 100 characters. Enter the NFT Description up to 500 characters. Enter the NFT amount from 1 to 10 tokens. Leave the Gas Price, Gas Limit, and Fee set to the default. NFT minting takes about 300,000 gas and any excess is refunded. The wallet must hold HTML to pay the fees, 1.01 HTML per NFT minting.

Here is an example to create 5 NFTs of the HTMLCOIN Logo:

Click the CONFIRM button to create the NFTs.

Sending and Receiving NFTs

The View NFTs menu option will show any NFTs minted or received by the wallet. The blue circle in the upper right-hand corner of the thumbnail will show the quantity of each NFT, for example, we can see there are 5 of the HTMLCOIN Logo NFTs. Click the thumbnail to see a larger NFT image.

To send an NFT, on the View NFTs form, click on the blue SEND button for that NFT and fill out the send NFT form with the address and quantity, below sending one of the HTMLCOIN Logo NFTs. Make sure the information is correct, then click the CONFIRM button to send the transaction: