Setting your UTXO Size — sendmanywithdupes

For best results, staking wallets should pre-split their UTXOs into the 25,000 to 1,000,000 HTMLCOIN size. To take larger UTXOs and split into the ideal size for staking use the command sendmanywithdupes. A good approach is 100 UTXOs in each command, the example below has 10 UTXOs. It is easiest to send to a new staking address, send all of your HTML. Replace HTMLCOINADDRESS with your new staking address.

./htmlcoin-cli getnewaddress


./htmlcoin-cli sendmanywithdupes "" "{\"HTMLCOINADDRESS\":500,000\"HTMLCOINADDRESS\":500,000\"HTMLCOINADDRESS\":500,000\"HTMLCOINADDRESS\":500,000\"HTMLCOINADDRESS\":500,000\"HTMLCOINADDRESS\":500,000\"HTMLCOINADDRESS\":500,000\"HTMLCOINADDRESS\":500,000\"HTMLCOINADDRESS\":500,000\"HTMLCOINADDRESS\":500,000}"!extraction