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..:: - User Liability Waiver - Read and Accept ::..

  • This website provides documentation on different aspects of Htmlcoin usage and development.

  • Your using the information on this website does not make The Htmlcoin Foundation nor anyone else liable for any issues that may occur.

  • Do your own research on current and possible situations that may happen. Do not use a daily usage computer for staking Htmlcoin.

  • You are responsible for your own security. If, after following these guides, you access your keys using a compromised computer, you will lose your funds.

  • Always make backups, any wallet, or important data (private keys) must be backed up in multiple secure manners.

  • Do not give your private keys to anyone. If you give your private keys to someone, you just gave them your wallet.

  • Transactions cannot be reverted or cancelled. Check as many times as needed assuring that you are sending the transactions to the correct address.

  • Htmlcoin is open source community supported software. It is provided as-is with no warranty.

  • By following this website, you, the user, are completely responsible for and and all outcomes.

  • You, the user, are completely responsible over your own security. Take time to evaluate every step followed and make sure to be as safe as possible.